Unmasking a Killer

Unmasking a Killer
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Season 1
Episode 5
43 mins
Starts 4/19/2018
Available until 11/1/2020
Is the Killer Still Out There?
Episode 4
43 mins
Starts 4/12/2018
Available until 11/1/2020
Inside the Killer's Mind
Episode 3
43 mins
Starts 4/5/2018
Available until 11/1/2020
How the Killer Got Away
Episode 2
44 mins
Starts 3/29/2018
Available until 11/1/2020
The Pattern of a Killer
Episode 1
43 mins
Starts 3/22/2018
Available until 11/1/2020
Launching the Manhunt for the Golden State Killer
How It Really Happened
How It Really Happened HLN
Forensic Files
Forensic Files HLN
Very Scary People
Very Scary People HLN
The Killer Truth
The Killer Truth HLN
Sex & Murder
Sex & Murder HLN
Death Row Stories
Death Row Stories HLN
Forensic Files II
Forensic Files II HLN
Something's Killing Me
Something's Killing Me HLN
The Dead Wives Club
The Dead Wives Club HLN
Real Life Nightmare
Real Life Nightmare HLN
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