Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil
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How To Order
Season 18
Episode 170
39 mins
Starts 9/16/2020
Available until 10/20/2020
Rape and Escape: The Cheryl Hunter Story
Episode 111
40 mins
Starts 9/17/2020
Available until 10/21/2020
A Blown Inheritance and Threats With a Loaded Gun: Our Mother Is out of Control
Episode 107
41 mins
Starts 9/10/2020
Available until 10/14/2020
A Teen Missing 399 Days: Was She Being Kept Prisoner?
Episode 46
37 mins
Starts 9/9/2020
Available until 10/13/2020
Prescription Drugs, Drinking and DWIs: My Daughter Is a Hot Mess
Episode 5
39 mins
Starts 9/22/2019
Available until 12/31/2030
Caught Between Two Brittanys
Episode 1
39 mins
Starts 9/16/2019
Available until 12/31/2030
A Jackass Star's Road to Rehab: Bam's Cry for Help
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